Sarah K

In the style of Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Kinsella is a model to watch. Currently working in retail, she’s about to explode into the limelight.


Morgan Barbour

Morgan and I arranged a little shoot, without too much planning just to see what would happen. It was also an opportunity to use the Emily Soto background again. Morgan is exceptionally talented in front to ht camera, she’s a dancer amongst other things and her ability to bend her body into interesting shapes is unparalleled. I really like the muted tones, a quiet image.


From a  shoot with Aleksandra Samotyja, brains and beauty. Totally would like to shoot with her again.

Return to Ethiopia


I’ve just returned from a trip to Ethiopia where I was filming for a couple of NGOs – APA-CVM and SHA – more on them separately. Ethiopia was the first country I visited in Africa and as a result, it is a special place for me. This was my second trip there. Culturally it’s completely unlike anywhere else I’ve been – there’s a sense of ancientness as if nothing has really changed in the last couple of millennia except for the penetration of mobile phones. And the towns. The towns are not attractive, with litter strewn around the place, interspersed with mangy looking goats and the odd sheep or cow. The towns are generally dives, the driving appalling, the diesel fumes terrible but overall I still love the place. The countryside is stunning though, really beautiful in the early morning or late evening when the sun is low in the sky. This is where utter beauty lies …


media: 25fps 1080p 50Mbps
Real world gives about 80 minutes per 32GB card
If three cards, then 240 minutes storage
=4 hours shooting capacity

1TB drive
How many 32GB cards will fit onto a 1TB drive?
1024/32=32 cards
32 x 32GB cards=42 hours footage

=50x60x60Mb per hour
=(50x60x60)/8 MB per hour
=((50x60x60)/8)/1024 GB per hour
=22GB approx per hour
=> 32GB card should hold approx 87 minutes
Real world gives about 82 minutes

The Spinc

To celebrate Hugo’s first ever circuit of The Spinc, I’ve uploaded a little memento. It was September 29th, on an absolutely beautiful day, barely a cloud in the sky and that very agreeable autumn temperature somewhere between mild and cool, just perfect for walking. Hugo was a trooper on the hike, literally and figuratively, not a peep or complaint out of him. He’s pictured above with his big bro Ben, who made a similar first circuit of The Spinc at about the same age, five years before and pictured below.

I hope that if I impart nothing else to them like this tips for picking the right welding helmet, they’ll continue to appreciate the hills and the great outdoors, no matter where they end up living their lives.


The fog was amazing today
Took a day out to clear the head
Went up Ticknock with the dog
Couldn’t see the City from the top
It may as well not have been there
At all

Fifty Shades of Blue | near the source of the Liffey

There’s a rock up here, near the top of Tonduff East, which looks out over the source of the River Liffey and Kippure. The rock has been hollowed out by millennia of weather, a bit like a throne. It’s comfortable, you could sit there for hours, watch the view, thinking how many other people have done exactly that on an August evening, taking it all in, trying your best to ignore the midges. There’s peace up there and solitude. The lonely hags watching on, stoic and enduring in their contorted shapes.


Monte Perdido

Monte Perdido, Spain.

This is on the ascent of Monte Perdido (3355 m) looking south into Spain. One of the three peaks we climbed during a trek of the Pyrenees, starting on the Spanish side and ending up in France.

For my late brother, Dave:

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Hugh in The Gloss

Had the good fortune to be approached by old friend Katy McGuinness who wrote a piece on our family in yesterday’s Gloss supplement in the Irish Times. Thanks to Sam for sending the scan 🙂