Acronymizing Dublin

It came to me in a flash …

… as I was walking south across Dame St towards my beloved Cornucopia that in light of Apple Maps’ weird new places in Dublin – Ulsara for instance, beloved of the members of the Upper Leeson Street area Residents Association – that we should acronymize Dublin. I’m currently working in Temple Bar, more specifically Crow St north of Dame St (Crownod) and as I was walking towards Cornucopia, I was entering into the area south of Dame St near Grafton St (Asdangs)



I think Archie’s depressed, I think the weather is getting to him, and since I’ve been laid up with the lurgy he hasn’t been getting out much. Can’t wait for this chest to shift, it’s been ages and the Dr’s opinion is that antibiotics would be useless. I think we’ll both be in better firm when it’s gone.

tech: UPC fibre

Just had this installed today and am pretty happy so far, with the exception of a little downtime, not sure why but reset the modem and that seemed to do the trick. More than anything I like the upload speed, being a very frequent uploader for work, this stuff just flies up there …