Going back to Ethiopia

I’m back over to Ethiopia in a less than 4 weeks with my son Ben to film a few projects near Debre Markos, and also down south in the Kaffe region. Ben is in Transition Year and it’ll be his first trip to sub Saharan Africa. A great way to spend two weeks from TY, and a great way to broaden your world view.

Hugo | Glencree River

I love these moments with my boy, just Hugo, me & the dog having a nice stroll up here

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Sophie Merry | animator, director, dancer, model


A portrait of one of my boys in water, inspired by stainless steel water bottles Tom Hoops and some of his more edgy work. Taken in a pool somewhere in Majorca, my kids would spend all day swimming if they were allowed, actually spending more time under water than above.

I only said


I’ve been listening a lot recently to My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless which, depending on how you measure it, is twenty years old this year. This abstract, noodling record is beloved of shoegazers the world over and I’m still enjoying it after all this time. It suits my current mood, somewhat introspective and a bit concerned about what the immediate future holds. I can’t assimilate how and why our situation has crashed so catastrophically and quickly – it’s time to reassess and figure out what’s next.