On abandoning flickr

2011-07-18 10.30.32


It’s sad that flickr has pretty much fallen off my radar, it used to be so good, so vibrant, but I think it suffered from being acquired by Yahoo (who?) and lack of development. It seems that 500px is the new flickr and that facebook has become flickr-lite. Such is the way of the world …



Trying to wrap my head around IFTTT, this is very much a test posting to see if it finds its way over to the photography page on facebook.

Facebook preferred size


I’ve been reading on fstoppers that Facebook apparently prefers some picture sizes to others, namely 960px on the longer side. So I tried with this image of the lovely Lauren. Seemed to work a treat.

Incidentally i think I used photoshop CC to resize this and I think it adds sharpening, must do a test comparing a resize in CS5.I need to do more testing on facebook with all types of pictures sizes and then chose one which performed the best.I always used facebook and pìctures to get more or to b buy real twitter followers to my page and it works really good.Thats why i want to test all this.

end of an era


… or is it an epoch?

It has transpired that I’m no longer hired by the LA College of Creative Arts after some discussion last year about rates and the value I attach to what I used to do for them. It’s simple commerce really, they felt that considering the number of photo shoots I did for them, I should consider further reducing my rates and I felt that further reducing my rates was to devalue my work and ultimately the industry. It may be something which will dawn on those involved, later in their careers, if indeed they stick with it.

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