end of an era


… or is it an epoch?

It has transpired that I’m no longer hired by the LA College of Creative Arts after some discussion last year about rates and the value I attach to what I used to do for them. It’s simple commerce really, they felt that considering the number of photo shoots I did for them, I should consider further reducing my rates and I felt that further reducing my rates was to devalue my work and ultimately the industry. It may be something which will dawn on those involved, later in their careers, if indeed they stick with it.

This may seem like sour grapes but no it’s not, it’s actually a positive development in my photographic career in that I no longer limit myself to that particular oeuvre. I had been needing to spread my wings creatively and now I am, in small steps, but steps nevertheless. The move into Temple Bar has opened up a few new possibilities and having used the Lotus Media studio nearby, I can see all sorts of opportunities there. I just need to keep on an even keel with its owner.

One thing I’d suggest to the academy is to stay engaged with its former students once they’re set adrift into business. I have working relationships with a few of its alumni and their opinions would tend towards the critical. Also the optics of a high rate of staff turnover would not be appealing to the parents of prospective students. I may just be out of touch with how things are these days, but a company of young (predominantly) women has a unique and challenging dynamic, maybe a high turnover is just they way things are done.

I wish them well with their new premises and courses.