Storm Erik comes to Shelley Banks

I’m hoping to do a bit more personal work over the months, this is the first in a series. Shot using a variety of Nikon lenses mounted on a Canon C100ii. This is new (to me0 camera, a fantastic piece of kit with a great sensor and fantastic colour science.

Shot in 2 hours, edited in 4.

Canon XF100

I had to upgrade my video equipment for an upcoming trip to Ethiopia and purchased a Canon XF100, great little camera, great results. Here is a taster with various members of the family 🙂


media: 25fps 1080p 50Mbps
Real world gives about 80 minutes per 32GB card
If three cards, then 240 minutes storage
=4 hours shooting capacity

1TB drive
How many 32GB cards will fit onto a 1TB drive?
1024/32=32 cards
32 x 32GB cards=42 hours footage

=50x60x60Mb per hour
=(50x60x60)/8 MB per hour
=((50x60x60)/8)/1024 GB per hour
=22GB approx per hour
=> 32GB card should hold approx 87 minutes
Real world gives about 82 minutes

55 min seq

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 09.36.15


Just for reference, a 55 min sequence at XDCAM HD422 1080p25 (50 Mb/s), 1,920 x 1,080 is around 21.58 GB


For anyone watching this, a few things to bear in mind:

1. The “metadata” titles are rough and don’t reflect the right info & will be replaced with actual data

2. The graphics are place-holders & will be replaced with finished versions after picture lock

3. The v/o will be replaced with a female v/o – my voice is in there as guide only

4. The audio mix is very rough – this will be redone after picture lock

5. The pictures are ungraded and in some cases not standards cufflinks converted


Most recent version

SilkRoads 08 640×360 3Mbps from INTERCUTS on Vimeo.

SRtS 130923

More shortening, concentrating on the opening three minutes. Realising I need a big piece of music (why is it always the music which gets me motivated?) and conciseness. Andrew C responded saying he might be available on Wednesday.

SRtS 130920


Today I was mostly shortening. Went from 64’45” to about 56’45” without too much damage. Left a slug in for the opening which needs to be shot and edited. I think Aine & Gav are much reduced. Still need to improve the end, in particular sonically. Will be good to bounce off other peeps in the very near future.



Bought one of these puppies today from in the UK, ordered yesterday, arrived today! Great service from CVP I’m glad to say,

Anyway, the smartLav – I haven’t had a chance to test it properly yet but from one or two recordings through RodeRec (paid version) it sounds just as you’d expect from a cheap mic – it’s grand but a little hissy. I haven’t as yet had time to fiddle with settings at all, or read the manual for that matter. I’m reading that airplane mode on the iPhone is important so maybe there’s an interference issue, dunno but will test it properly over the next few weeks.

SRtS 130919

Viewing of the whole cut as it stands today with DB for the first time, plenty to talk about since it’s 15 minutes over length but the reaction was mostly good. Very positive about The River, something DB hadn’t seen before, very emotional for him.

There are parts of it as a film I really like, REALLY like, for instance that whole section from DB being ill in India through to the monsoon breaking and the climb into Nepal, music vibe and pictures working well for me here. Also I’m really liking the white water River section, especially around Qumarleb and beyond to the capsize and resume.

Have to concentrate on music and getting it to a better length.