I only said


I’ve been listening a lot recently to My Bloody Valentine’s Loveless which, depending on how you measure it, is twenty years old this year. This abstract, noodling record is beloved of shoegazers the world over and I’m still enjoying it after all this time. It suits my current mood, somewhat introspective and a bit concerned about what the immediate future holds. I can’t assimilate how and why our situation has crashed so catastrophically and quickly – it’s time to reassess and figure out what’s next.


Sugarloaf, Wicklow.

So here I find myself a scant calendar month after being to the top of Africa, back up these lonely Wicklow hills again. Dusk late in October on the Sugarloaf, colder than I’ve ever been, wind whistling around with this beautiful, low, winter light filleting the day and night.

Pure and clean, sharp as crystal,

I’m home.

sunrise over Mawenzi

Tanzania: Kilimanjaro.

The sun rises over Africa, taken a little below Stella Point, which is a couple of hundred metres below the summit of Kilimanjaro. The peak in the distance is called Mawenzi and is part of the group of summits which make up Kilimanjaro. I have written a journal about this climb which has all sorts of pointers and kit tips if you’re considering tackling it. It’s fantastic.