editing: visualizations

Most of the new work we’ve been getting recently has been in the area of 3D visualizations for developers, architects, city planners and the like. What we’re trying to do is integrate 3D modelling with “real” footage of the locations and attempt to marry the two types of images in a refreshing way.

The visualizations help investors, planners, architects etc get a better sense of what a building might be like (if it was built). For the City Planner in Dublin City Council, we’ve been doing some visualizations of new streets they’re planning on creating in various parts of Dublin City Centre. Unfortunately I can’t show any of the visualizations just yet for copyright reasons. They will be in the public domain soon enough though.

To this end, I’ve been out filming in Dublin, places I’ve never been before, on top of buildings mostly to get interesting angles of places I’ve taken for granted most of my life.



Berry Bros & Rudd


The view from the top of the Savoy Cinema is spectacular, along O’Connell St down towards the bridge. A sniper’s paradise for sure, but I guess the Feds know about that.