mobile: 57252 premium rate service


It appears I have recurring premium services on my mobile bill from 57252, despite the fact that I don’t receive any discernible premium services, neither do I recall subscribing to any services. I haven’t received any reminders from 57252 either telling me that I’m continuing to be billed by them or a means to opt out from whatever service it is I’m receiving. I use an iPhone, not that the hardware/software should make any difference.

A little wander over to the website for the Independent Regulator of the content and promotion of Premium Rate Telecommunications Services reveals that 57252 is the short code for a company called Zamano.

I think I may have to communicate with RegTel & Zamano to see if there has been some sort of administrative error on my part. There’s a possibility I used a premium service on to track a Ryanair flight but their site clearly states that you only get charged once, and not multiple times like I have been. So I’m confused.