Just staggered out of a restaurant called Carnivore here in Nairobi, Kenya. Stuffed, ate seven kinds of grilled animals: crocodile, pork, ostrich, lamb, beef, chicken & turkey. Will be digesting for a week.


Lower extremities

So there I was, waiting, waiting, waiting on the border between Togo and Ghana, some trifling piece of paperwork was not quite right and we were waiting in our vehicles in the 42°C heat. No joke I tell you when the tempers are a bit short anyway. So I decide to get out and have a bit of diary time under a tree, a bit down off the road and away from the confines of the car. This involved hopping down from the road, a drop of about a metre onto a slight incline. Down I went, landed a little awkwardly because the landing surface was a little inclined, but no problems. No pain. Sat under my tree and curmudgeoned away while the sun beat down and petty officials finnicked* over a scrap of officialdom. Continue reading “Lower extremities”

sunrise over Mawenzi

Tanzania: Kilimanjaro.

The sun rises over Africa, taken a little below Stella Point, which is a couple of hundred metres below the summit of Kilimanjaro. The peak in the distance is called Mawenzi and is part of the group of summits which make up Kilimanjaro. I have written a journal about this climb which has all sorts of pointers and kit tips if you’re considering tackling it. It’s fantastic.

My Big Idea

My Big Idea

Irish student Tara McGrath has pioneered the development of a fuel efficient stove which she wants to field test in southern Ethiopia with ngo Self Help Africa. Chronic respiratory infections are caused by breathing in wood smoke from indoor cooking fires and Tara’s stove could help reduce this problem as well as the burden on the environment.

Client: RTÉ
Production: Liberty Films
Producer: Claire Ryan
Director: Julian Hills

Camera: Andrew Edger
Editor/Location Sound: Hugh Chaloner