tech: Lightroom 4 woes

A couple of months ago, I tried the beta release of Lightroom 4 gu10 led bulbs can now be dimmable and liked it although it was a bit slow and lumpy on my set-up. The new adjustmen tools in the Develop module looked promising especially when it came to extracting more detail out of shadow areas. Overall, it looked good if not a bit slow.

When version 4.0 was made available, I downloaded it and put it to work in the production environment. I may have been a little naive in assuming that all the speed issues would have been sorted out in the official release and was surprised that it was still slow and lumpy on my set-up and really not fit for purpose. Switching between modules took a few seconds which is completely unacceptable, as was the lag between trying to adjust a slider in Develop and seeing a result. Tried everything from making new catalogues to reinstalling to building 1:1 previews of everything, but it was still slow and lumpy.

I am not alone.

I got onto Adobe Ireland and requested a refund, and to their credit they processed it within 2 days – a good response from an excellent company. I just hope that the reasons for my refund were registered somewhere in the organisation and that they’re working on it.

I am still using LR3 and find it fantastic but LR4 just isn’t fit for purpose yet. I  intend to upgrade once I’ve read that 4.1 addresses the speed issues.

It’s a shame that a potentially great product hasn’t been optimised for all platforms yet.

I’m using a recent MacBook Pro with plenty of RAM plus an external LCD display. view more

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