On abandoning flickr

2011-07-18 10.30.32


It’s sad that flickr has pretty much fallen off my radar, it used to be so good, so vibrant, but I think it suffered from being acquired by Yahoo (who?) and lack of development. It seems that 500px is the new flickr and that facebook has become flickr-lite. Such is the way of the world …

photo: HD on flickr




Went and shot some time-lapse down the end of the Bull Wall today in the changeable weather. Shooting some backgrounds for the new ‘reel which I’m in the process of making. Lo and behold flickr announced HD video on their website for pro accounts, so here’s a sample. You probably have to click through to see the HD version.

photo: tracks in wheat


Tracks in Wheat 

This one is doing strangely well (for me anyway) on Flickr. I uploaded it sort of as a joke because it’s so like a photo by a photographer I admire called Catherine Jamieson from Canada. Click on the image to go to Flickr and all will be revealed.