iPhone: full of Other

My iPhone has mysteriously become full of Other. I’m not sure what Other is besides being orange and therefore distrustful, but I’m going to have to find out since I don’t seem to have much room for anything else right now, and I want to put a few songs back in. Googling jailbreak iphone 4
reveals that it might be something to do with interrupted syncs and that the only remedy is for a full restore which is obviously a pita and hopefully avoidable.

I’ve just turned off all music playlists, mail accounts, contacts and calendars in iTunes and re-synced, now Other has grown to 4.83 GB.

Whatever it is, it’s hungry.

So after having deleted pretty much everything in the iPhone, I was still left with a growing and hungry Other, no space and nothing in the phone. After a bit more searching on iphonefaq, I came across a piece of software called iPhone Explorer which I downloaded and ran. Lo and behold there was a load of stuff hiding in the iPhone’s music directories which in theory shouldn’t have been there since I’d erased all the music. I brazenly deleted the lot and reclaimed most of Other for my own purposes.

I’m now resyncing the iPhone with a load of music selected by iTunes and will see if I haven’t b0rked the device by fecking round with its directory structure. (In the old days I used to use ResEdit on a live OS 7.x so I’m used to, em, tinkering).

We’ll see if Other comes back.