marinated butterflied leg of lamb

Butterflied leg of lamb was on special in the local butcher today (€13.95/kg) so we decided we’d have some if that …

1.5 kg leg of lamb, butterflied
1/2 a medium onion
4 cloves garlic
2 tbsp fresh rosemary
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp cider vinegar
zest of a lemon

Put all the ingredients bar the lamb in a blender and whizz till smooth. It’ll be a great colour and smell wonderful. Stick the lamb in a bag and pour in the marinade. Squish it round a bit, mostly on the non-fat side if you can.

Leave for an hour or two and when you’re about 100 minutes off eating, remove the lamb from the marinade and scrape off the excess into a bowl. Heat a skillet till smoking and sear the lamb on both sides for a couple of minutes. Place on top of a rack and spread the remaining marinade in top. Season well. Cook in a medium oven till about 10 minutes before eating, remove and relax. Slice really thinly.

This tastes amazing and will feed 6 or 7