Timeless (revisited)

I’ve been revisiting the time-lapse footage I’ve shot over the years and have begin to wrestle with the issues of what resolution I should make this video on my home setup. In theory I could make this all the way up to 2k (film) but I’m a little limited by hardware at the moment.

Here’s an excerpt from what I’m at:

Timeless from Hugh_C on Vimeo.

time-lapse photography: Timeless

Here is a short filmette of time-lapse material shot in and around Dublin over the last few months. These images were used in a project we’re currently finishing off at The Farm for South Dublin County Council, an exhibition space housed in Tallaght. The technique used is to basically plonk the camera down in some place with a visually interesting view, stick it on a tripod, set your shot and squeeze off a frame every minute or so. Then import the resulting images into FCP and what you see here is the result. The handy thing about this technique is that the images are pretty big to start with, so the sequences could be used at all resolutions up to 2k film if you’re careful. Enjoy!