photo: infrared and Nikon

Field of Dreams

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Shona and myself took a little trip down to Dungarvan in Waterford primarily to eat at The Tannery, but also to kick back and relax. I took a few snaps before breakfast this morning, a glorious day with blue skies and big clouds, perfect for a bit of IR.

This is the first outing with the Hoya R72 and the Nikon, and the results are reasonably good. I’ve yet to crack the focusing thing though, since IR doesn’t focus in the same plane as visible light, and so I’m pretty much guessing. And seeing as you can’t see anything at all through the viewfinder, composition generally has to be salvaged in post production.

first IR picture


Here’s the first IR result. Got the Hoya R72 today. Handheld in front of the ixus – no mount or tripod.

photo: infrared photography using a Canon Digital Ixus 500


I’ve been looking at flickr a lot lately and have come across some amazing infrared photgraphy which, until very recently, I didn’t realise was possible using a digital camera. I suppose I hadn’t thought about it too much, but I’ve decided to try for myself.

The first thing to check is to see whether or not my camera (Digital IXUS 500) is usable, and one way to do this is to point any remote control at the camera, press a button and see if the IR beam is visible. Happily for me, it is – see above.

The next thing to do is find an IR filter, and searching around the web, it seems that a Hoya R72 will do the trick. Seeing that I’d like to share this filter with my other cameras, a 52mm filter seems optimal.

Finally, I need some sort of device to attach it to the camera, and with the guidance of publicenergy on flickr, I ordered one of the adaptor tubes from hkdcplus.

So now I am in wait mode – both filter and adaptor & step up ring are in the post. The results will be posted here.