Photo Booth brings out the kid in all of us


On any given day I might come home to find the kids messing round with Photo Booth, and not only my kids, but any others who happen to be knocking round the house. Personally I think it’s fantastic that the two older kids will sit down and, well, just create. There’s no adult choreographing here, it’s just kids posing, experimenting, showing off, gurning, pulling faces and losing inhibitions. Even the odd adult finds their way in.

Enjoy …

If you’re having trouble viewing this mpeg, you can always view it here on YouTube at lower resolution

Music is by Tin Hat Trio
“The Clandestine Adventures Of Ms. Merz”
Book of Silk

For those of you who don’t like kids you can always watch something else.

1st fruit salad

Homework for Ben (aged six) yesterday evening was to make a fruit salad as part of an educational scheme in his school to help kids’ awareness of healthy eating. Here is the result…