Sarah K

In the style of Marilyn Monroe, Sarah Kinsella is a model to watch. Currently working in retail, she’s about to explode into the limelight.


Morgan Barbour

Morgan and I arranged a little shoot, without too much planning just to see what would happen. It was also an opportunity to use the Emily Soto background again. Morgan is exceptionally talented in front to ht camera, she’s a dancer amongst other things and her ability to bend her body into interesting shapes is unparalleled. I really like the muted tones, a quiet image.


mua: Eleanor Magan | model: Davina Brennan | photographer: Hugh

Some more from the make-up student and model sessions. Here’s Davina, burning up the screen. Taken with the 85mm at f/4, really getting to grips with this lens, and since it’s on a crop frame camera, it’s effectively about 120mm and I can back off a little, be physically a little further away and not be up the model’s nose. Distance is good. But so are close ups.