photo: ich

Self portrait in blue.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a bit of growth in the photography area which is great. It has got me thinking more about lighting in general and strobism in particular, and the upshot of this thinking is that I’ve acquired a second strobe used in this picture above. It’s a Nikon SB-800 which complements my SB-600. The thinking behind this is that I could have enough power to light any person/small group of people in pretty much any location. I’m portable 🙂

I’ve also been talking a bit to the models and subjects of a lot of the stuff I’ve been doing recently and as an exercise, I’m imagining myself and imaging myself as they see me. When I’m on the job, this is what they see: a rather large white-haired guy poking a camera into their face, trying not to be intimidating. It’s fun, I’m enjoying myself and hopefully the subjects are too.

You can assess the beauty stuff yourselves by clicking this link.