Storm Erik comes to Shelley Banks

I’m hoping to do a bit more personal work over the months, this is the first in a series. Shot using a variety of Nikon lenses mounted on a Canon C100ii. This is new (to me0 camera, a fantastic piece of kit with a great sensor and fantastic colour science.

Shot in 2 hours, edited in 4.

photo: Ghost Ship

I took a stroll down the Shelley Banks, along the South Wall, looked back and marveled at the setting sun over Dublin. I was quietly going about the business of taking a panoramic sunset shot, each of the four exposures half a minute, when I became aware of this quiet, calm sensation of something extremely large passing quietly nearby. The silence of this ship was surprising, a barely audible whoosh and low frequency rumble was all there was to be heard. Which explains why I was a bit late turning the camera round to it.