SRtS 130923

More shortening, concentrating on the opening three minutes. Realising I need a big piece of music (why is it always the music which gets me motivated?) and conciseness. Andrew C responded saying he might be available on Wednesday.

SRtS 130920


Today I was mostly shortening. Went from 64’45” to about 56’45” without too much damage. Left a slug in for the opening which needs to be shot and edited. I think Aine & Gav are much reduced. Still need to improve the end, in particular sonically. Will be good to bounce off other peeps in the very near future.

SRtS 130919

Viewing of the whole cut as it stands today with DB for the first time, plenty to talk about since it’s 15 minutes over length but the reaction was mostly good. Very positive about The River, something DB hadn’t seen before, very emotional for him.

There are parts of it as a film I really like, REALLY like, for instance that whole section from DB being ill in India through to the monsoon breaking and the climb into Nepal, music vibe and pictures working well for me here. Also I’m really liking the white water River section, especially around Qumarleb and beyond to the capsize and resume.

Have to concentrate on music and getting it to a better length.