At the risk of exposing myself as an eater of a non-sustainable resource, I bought some cod today from a stall on Moore Street in the heart of Dublin. Four pounds for twelve euro with the head and bones thrown in for good measure to make stock. This works out at €6.67/kg being all metric in our house an’ all. Just for gas I nipped into the local supermarket afterwards for comparison, the same piece of fish was priced €20.95/kg. That’s more than three times the price. Granted, it was in a nice display on a bed of ice and I didn’t have to watch it getting its head cut off, but three times the price? C’mon lads.

There was bonus value down Moore Street as well with filleting lessons from the woman behind the stall and repartee from her son who claimed to be a piano player so he couldn’t risk his fingers with the knife. And Dublin City Council wanted to shut these traders down?

I know where I’ll be getting my fish … but need to have a good fishing device

And I’ve been waiting ages to actually use codology in a post, so there it was …