Glenealo in flood


We went up the hills yesterday: Philip, Sam, myself and the dog Boswell to clear the lungs and have some personal outside time. A great day it was too, spending time with friends up in the wilds of Wicklow. Seen here is the Glenealo Waterfull in full flood, incredible volumes of water pouring down the valley, incredible noise and completely spectacular. This waterfall is at the far end of the upper lake at Glendalough, up the zigzag path beyond the miners’ village.

Sam is drawn to hills like, um, a moth to a candle, he enjoys the uphill and has a strangely developed physique that renders him about twice the speed of anybody else on the planet. He maintains it’s because he was reared in Killiney and spent his early youth charging up and down the hills there. Philip and myself however have more pedestrian hamstrings and were left panting in his wake (due to shortness of breath that is, not his super good looks or anything).

A great day all in all. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.