photo: infrared idea redux

I suppose I’m a little despondent about the digital IR results to date, but there again it’s early days. Seeing that the old Yashica will be fixed sometime in the near future, I wonder what results I’d get if I loaded it with XP2 and used the Hoya R72. The Yashica also has the advantage of 28mm, 50mm and 70-210mm lenses. It will be interesting to see. I wonder if I can get into the grounds of the bowling event in Dun Laoghaire in September so that I don’t have to shoot through the fence. Although I suppose the fence gives credence to the perception of elitism around this sport in Ireland.


There’s always the bowling green in Herbert Park. I need some good light.

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  1. infrared and XP2

    Thanks to Rob Novak for showing me why this idea won’t work… From usenet: Rob Novak wrote: XP2’s response drops greatly after 630nm, and has virtually no response to wavelengths below 660nm. The R72 filter’s transmittance curve doesn’…

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