painting with light: for those who can sit still


I’ve been reading about painting with light – long exposures illuminated and hand-painted by a light-source such as a torch – and decided to give it a go with the kids. You can imagine Ben’s (8) excitement when confronted with an experiment that involved him (1) and something he could participate in (2).

Off we all went to a darkened room and attempted to sit still while each of us painted the other for about 30 seconds. Not an easy feat considering I was overtaken by an urge to gurn after about 5 seconds. This is not a good idea in long hand-painted exposures because my unfirm jowls appear even jowlier than normal.

Ben and Shona won the staying still contest, and Kaytlin won the most interesting-looking award. See for yourself, there are larger versions of them available for viewing here on flickr.