photo: 28,000 items

I’ve been doing this beauty gig for over a year now, since April 09 or thereabouts on and off, and it looks like I’ve shot or post produced just about 28,000 items, one of which is Anouska above. Not your typical beauty shot maybe, but I like it. I hasten to add that the beauty stuff I do doesn’t generally have a manky frame ┬áposted all over it, but I thought I’d take a bit of artistic license in this case. Anouska is a wonderful model but she’s also a great photographer, her stuff can be seen here on flickr. I wish I had her youth and talent.

Anyway, yeah, 28,000 items is a lot, I suppose about a half of them are technically usable and of that? Maybe 10 percent artistically usable.

Got to work on that ratio …