photo: close encounters

close encounters

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had an evening out with the lissome Sophie M and make-up artist Parima Barghgir on Sunday. I’d been meaning to shoot in this location again since making a time-lapse sequence here a year or two ago, and the opportunity came up, so we all grasped it. The location is beside the train station in Adamstown, near Lucan, west Dublin. It’s one of those new estates built towards the end of the boom, with an infrastructure the envy of west Dublin, only thing is though that it seems deserted. Nobody drove past during probably about 90 minutes shooting. Bizarre, there’s just nobody there.

Can’t say I’d like to live there myself mind you, the place is not very inviting, infrastructure notwithlstanding.

Anyway, here is Sophie in a dress of her own, a late substitute for a Claire Garvey piece we’d managed to leave behind in Parima’s house. She has a pair of strobes mounted on a stand a metre or so behind her, and some ambient fluorescent light from the tubes above. I’ve removed the stand in post, mostly hidden however behind Sophie. I’m pleased with the results.

Via Flickr:
model: Sophie Merry
mua: Parima Barghgir