photo: fun with D700

Hugo by Hugh Chaloner (hugh_c)) on

I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and got myself a full frame camera – a Nikon D700 which is about to be superseded by something to be announced in a few days – for this reason I got it at a knock down price, and end-of-line demo price. I’m happy. The pictures it takes are terrific, but I still have to get comfortable with my focal lengths, having shot so much over the last couple of years with a crop frame sensor. It’s a fairly major step up form the D300, itself a great camera, not so much in terms of its operation, but more the “feel” of the pictures. Not something I can easily put into words, but the pictures are maybe a little creamier with all that extra sensor. Mind you it weighs a ton, and I’d think twice before lugging it up the side of a mountain, especially if it’s at altitude.

Pictured above is one of my kids enjoying himself at Brittas, He’s dudetastic.