photo: on being 1-dimensional in a 2-dimesional medium

make-up artist: Kate Waldron | model: Stephanie Quilligan, 1st Option

Being me, and nobody else, I’ve begun to examine where next might be in photography. I’ve become pretty handy at making images like you see above of the lovely Stephanie, and as satisfying as it is to make these I feel I need to get a bit further away from the subject, get a bit more dynamic in the image. I’ve been watching the output of a well-known photographer here in Dublin who produces pretty much the same image time and time again, albeit with different models and I don’t want to become that person. I don’t want to be 1-dimensional, I want variety, I want to move back, I want to be a bit more exciting. I want to do more of this:

make-up artist: Parima Barghgir | model: Sophie Merry

Pictured above is Sophie Merry, a wonderful collaborator and model, a photo-shoot on the South Wall in Ringsend with Parima Barghgir, a make-up artist I’d worked with previously. I feel that this is more interesting, funner as my daughter would say and a definitely a bit different from the beauty shot up top. I need a stylist though, because what I know about fashion could be written on the back of a Brian Cowen essay on charisma.