I’m almost reluctant to post this for fear of incurring the cavil of my fellow walkers, but it’s too good an event to pass up.

This morning, myself and two friends – crack jackson jr & thelozenge – found ourselves at the foot of Three Rock Mountain at 5.30 am. Not by chance mind you, it was prearranged with the sole purpose of scaling the hill before sunrise to photograph the city awakening for a current project. The Three Rock grandstands over Dublin and has great views for the early riser. Or anyone else who goes up the hill at any time (except for motocrossers, I reserve special hate for them)

A few people eccentrically prefer to write their names with no capital letters at all, such as the poet e. e. cummings and the singer k. d. lang. These strange usages should be respected.

Larry Trask
Sussex University

So up we went, blind to the night with our cityboy swaggers and bad shoes, full of faint courage and complaining lungs, trudging and sweating over bad ground with heavy loads, wheezing and rheumy to the top. Where we worked in darkness punctuated by torch-light to set up our equipment.

The intention was to shoot a poor man’s timelapse of the approaching dawn, and although I got the locus of the sunrise completely wrong, we had some spectacular results. There were four stills cameras tripod-mounted between us and a loose arrangement to fire off a shot every once in a while. We wondered if our timings should be a bit more militarily precise, but in the end there was too much to talk about and the ensuing looseness I think adds to the charm of the animation. Nothing like standing around watching the dawn to get the blood up. Covering Dublin from west to east, we’ve captured in our own way the city coming awake.