4 Replies to “editing: Bob Dylan “Series of Dreams””

  1. Thanks Kevin. It’s still an amazing song after all these years. And it was a fabulous experience working on the video – amongst other things had to watch Renaldo & Clara in its entirety – no idea what it was about mind you.

  2. Note the outstanding work of leading Irish artist Charlie Whisker on this excellent video.

  3. I’ve always loved this video too, and the obvious innovation that was required when Bob clearly didn’t ‘play ball’ ….. and do the bidding for the CBS mandarins and ‘promote’ ‘Series of Dreams’.
    The need to plunder the archives was perhaps expediency, but the result is truly fantastic, and in many respects a fitting way to herald what marked the commencement by the great (and inscrutable) man himself of his own back catalogue.
    ‘Series of Dreams’ and ‘Blind Willie McTell (the other gem to be exposed on Bob’s Bootleg Series Vol 1) are exceptional tracks, and the quick cut-aways give the song the pulsating vitality that it deserves – and also doff a hat at the many and varied phases of Dylan’s extra-ordinary career.
    A rare example from the heady days of MTV where a video does justice to the source material.

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