Dublin Coastal Develoment viral campaign

53,800 views and counting …

We (The Farm) were involved in producing and post-producing this viral late last year – it turned out to be the most successful viral in the history of the state. A lot of fun to work on with an adventurous client and an energetic ad agency.

The film suggests that Ireland is now so wealthy and land is so scarce that building now should commence out in the Bay. A sanctuary for the rich, helicoptered types.

The reaction to the viral was superb, it garnered news coverage on RTE News and Morning Ireland radio and many websites. The team at the Farm had a blast making it and was a showcase for some of the great 3D work by Brian O’Durnin.

[There are some RealPlayer links to appropriate bulletins from RTE but I can’t figure out how to link to them from this page – if anyone knows how to do rtsp links from a blog, please let me know]