lisa blue lisa black

OK I’m uploading this for no other reason than I seem to be breaking every available rule about blogging, namely: post regularly, keep it simple & keep it focused. I do none of these, but there again I have a very small audience, so it’s mostly just for me. So for those few of you out there: here’s a pretty girl, in blue. I took the photograph.

Pictured above is one Lisa R, an Irish model, with makeup and eye-prosthetics by Danielle Horan, an Irish student from the LA Makeup Academy. This was a fun session to shoot, however I kept on worrying about Lisa’s future health, batting those baby blues in a light breeze would possibly see her aloft, because Lisa is a slightly slight girl.

I agonised over the version above, or a BW conversion, so for those of you who’ve stayed with me this far, here’s another version, you be the judge, you be the jury.

For those of you old enough who might recall a song by Siouxsie & the Banshees called Eve White/Eve Black, you might be aware that I’m being a bit derivative in the title of this post, a little nod to my youth. I used to hang round with a bunch of people who played this song at the wrong speed on the turntable – 33 instead of 45 rpm (that’s a record Kids!) – scared the wits out of ourselves. It’s not the sunniest of songs. For those of you interested or old enough, here’s a link to it on youtube.

Shoot! I’ll just embed it here: