maxplanar: on the MacBook

maxplanar: Feck all that cobblers, how are you enjoying yer MB?

In response to my good mate maxplanar:

Ah, the MacBook. Now there’s a thing. This particular machine is a Black MacBook 2.16 GHz / 2GB ram/ 160 GB drive.

For the price, it’s a great little machine, does what it says on the tin and more besides. Mind you I wouldn’t want to be re-reduxing Apocalypse Now Redux, the screen real estate is a bit snug for that, but for lashing together an assembly it’s fine on FCP. For doing anything internet-related, it’s brilliant. GIMP, PhotoShop all great except for the snugness of the screen. Writing documents – great. Compressing movies – fast and efficient. I came across some competitively priced RAM and nudged it up to 2GB, so running half a dozen applications simultaneously is no bother.

Relatively cheap
Clear, crisp bright screen
Comes with the usual good stuff from Apple
Easy and intuitive to use

Slightly cramped screen real estate (solvable by adding an external display)
Slightly noisy when the fans kick in for processor-intensive tasks
Keyboard takes some getting used to.

Of course, I felt obliged to get the more expensive black version because, I just had to. There was no choice. I suppose if I had loads of money, I would have gone for the Pro version, but I don’t so I didn’t.

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  1. Jaysus, $200 more for black! You must be eating Euros for dinner. A refurb’d MBP would have been a better buy, though admittedly even more money.

  2. Not exactly €200 because you get a bigger drive. It’s a 160 GB as opposed to a 120 so you get a whopping exxxtra 40GB as well as the unspeakably cooler shade. I like the black for reasons known well to you.

    Companies don’t generally purchase refurbed models; my company is no exception. Refurbs are fine for individuals but my company couldn’t be persuaded.

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