more traditional “about” page

So I’ve put up a more traditional about page, available from the top navigation bar, and on that page I’ve added an email address, an alias to my normal .mac address. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s harvested anytime soon. I also tried doing one of those random imageg php things you can see on the banner above, but with mixed format images – i.e. portrait and landscape, and while the random php script worked fine, the mixed results just looked stupid.

Might try doing one of the random banner things in one of the other templates.

I know I’m a hobbyist and not a professional web person, but it seems to me that the documentation for Movable Type is deliberately obtuse and only after hours and hours of fiddling, have I been able to achieve anything. It seems that you need to know a little php, html and a lot of css to achieve anything worthwhile. Perhaps this is just because mine is an individual non-profit installation, and therefore pretty much unsupported. I guess the folks at Movable Type need to make a living too.

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  1. I might just do that Tom, although I have a few weeks invested in Movable Type and I might just persevere for a bit…

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