Nokia 6230i reset


Restores phone to factory settings.

I’m having this problem in that whenever I try to set my phone for MMS, it just hangs whenever it tries to initiate a connection. I have no idea why and it’s really frustrating trying to type in the code above before it restarts itself. Whether or not it’s becuase I bought the phone from the UK and it has something unusual in it’s e-prom I dunno, but that’s my theory anyway. Either that or it’s just a lemon.

Youn need a security code to reset the factory settings which is 12345 by default.

PIN1: 5290
PUK1: 34811544
PIN2: 3018
PUK2: 71078551

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  1. my nokia 6230i hangs whenever it recieving from other device through bluetooth

  2. hi just wondering its been over a year that i have put my 6230i on and its asking for a security code to go into the menu. which i have forgot. can u please help me.

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