podcasts: who listens?

Techdirt:Ok, Forget It. No One Has The Slightest Clue Who Listens To Podcasts

A little side project of mine which I’ve been wittering on about lately is about using podcasts in the Irish market and whether or not anybody, and I mean anybody at all would listen to them. The link above seems to point in two completely different directions for data gathered in the States.

One survey would suggest that it’s the 45+ group who are listening in (people who actually listened to spoken content in the past on the radio), but I’m not convinced that 54-year-old Uncle Diarmuid from Boyle, Co. Roscommon would be too inclined to strap on his iRiver and listen to the latest, cutting edge content about peanut crops from Agnews Weekly. I may be wrong, perhaps he does.

Another survey suggests that it’s the 18-34s who are inveterate Podcast listeners. This result makes sense to me even though I’m outside this range myself, but there again I’ve been involved in geekery for most of my adult life in some form or another. This is the market I’m interested in, although there is no publically available data relevant to Ireland.