sausage: thyme and berbere


300g pork steak diced (loin of pork / whatever)
half a medium onion
2 cloves garlic
hefty pinch of salt
half tsp berbere powder
half tsp cumin seed
quarter tsp caraway seed
tbsp of fresh thyme

Put everything into blender. Blend until meat and onions are no longer lumpy. Form into sausages. Grill on the non-ridged side of a hot skillet, making sure they don’t stick, basting with olive oil or whatever is handy.

These would probably benefit from sausage skins, but since it’s Sunday brunchtime, I don’t have any handy & tried without.

Feeds two.


Possibly the most unattractive looking pair of turds ever to (dis)grace a plate.


The flavour was good despite the appearance, and accompanied savoury scrambled eggs nicely but the texture was a bit too dry. I might try adding some sautéed leeks to lend a bit of moisture to the mixture, but I don’t know how they’d respond to cooking without casings if made this way. I might try a bit of ground white pepper too, maybe some rubbed sage. I can’t say I was aware of the caraway seed but the cumin seed was detectable and a good thing.

Overall: not bad.

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  1. Just a hint – even though this has been floating around on your site for almost a month – dry sausages usually mean that there’s not enough fat content or they’re overcooked. Adding some plate lard (the stuff sold in packages as essentially big slices of fat) to a pork sausage made with lean loin is never a bad idea – or you can add fatback or salt pork. Makers of low-fat varieties have to sub in odd moisture-retaining ingredients like gelatin and carageenan.

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