A couple of months ago I signed up to SecondLife just to see what it was like and what all the fuss was about. It was a quiet time in work, I was between projects.

Because of the antiquity of my hardware and network congestion, I suppose my SecondLife experience was not great. It was slow, and I mean really s l o w . My machine could barely keep up with the animations and frequently the burden proved too much, it just sat down. Now I know my laptop isn’t exactly cutting edge, being four years old an’ all, but the SecondLife client is a relatively needy. And another thing, my connection both from home and from work (different suppliers) was seriously laggy.

On the positive side, it allows you explore sartorial diversification in guilt free mode. I’ll let you figure that one out yourselves.

I imagine that once I replace the old lapper with something from the C2D department later this Spring, then I’ll have a better chance to see if SecondLife will intrigue me as much as it’s infuriated me so far.

It’s an interesting concept, virtual money in a virtual world, being adopted by real world marketeers and advertisers.